area archeologica di Carsulae
dal 15/06/2015 al 07/08/2015
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"Duces partium ut Carsulas venere paucos ad requiem dies sumunt...
Et locus ipse castrorum placebat, late prospectans, tuto copiarum adgestu, flontissimis pone tergum municipiis..."
"The leader of the party, reached Carsulae, take few days of rest…
The resort of the camp was enough pleasant: the view was very wide, made sure the supplies  for the troops, on his back they had extremely blooming Roman towns…"

Tacito, Hist., III, 60

Nowadays as once, is pleasant to have a break on the wide plain of this Roman city: the richness of the life testimonies and the pleasant of the nature landscape bind oneself together and become more a preferred  place of reflections, an ideal destination of each journey.
The archeological area of Carsulae is situated in the southern Umbria and it is crossed by the east branch of the via Flaminia that actually preserve the original paving.